Yoga und Meditation in der Schweiz


  • Would you like to practice yoga under the guidance of Konstantin?
  • Do you want to enjoy meals prepared by one of the best raw food chefs?
  • Would you like to learn some raw food recipes while doing that as well?
  • And you would like to be in a better shape?

Then this Retreat is created for you! This is a very special Yoga and Raw Food Retreat, hosted by one of the best raw food chefs, Boris Launser and the founder of Vikasa Yoga, Konstantin Miachin. Boris  Lauser actually won the best raw food chef award in Europe! Amazing, isn’t it?

Raw Food and Yoga build the ultimate synergy. Not only is raw food pure in taste, vibrant in color and absolutely delicious if prepared well, it also has numerous health benefits that support your overall health and bring your yoga practice to the next level!! Raw Food, because it has never been heat treated over 42 degrees, contains up to 5 times as many nutrients as cooked food and has all the necessary enzymes and life force that is usually lost when cooking your food.

If you manage to integrate a high raw percentage into your diet, you will most probably experience these health benefits very soon:

  • improved flexibility
  • improved skin
  • better digestion and healthier and lighter body feeling
  • better and faster recovery after physical performance
  • faster healing of any wounds or injuries
  • improved eye sight
  • allergies diminish or completely go away
  • hair and nail growth improves
  • and more

Raw food evolves to be a superior diet to all diets we have known up to now.  It’s now the challenge to combine the health benefits of raw food with the culinary achievements of our century old culinary cultures that have so influenced out traditional cooking so far. This is the role of modern gourmet raw food cuisine.

Boris will provide you with the most delicious raw food throughout your stay at Vikasa and will, in two afternoons also share with you some of the best recipes for you to take home, so that after this week, you can continue implementing the benefits of this ultimate combination of yoga and gourmet raw food. * Healthy Thai food is available in case you would like to keep a mixed diet, rather than 100% raw.


08:30 am – 10:00 am Start the day with breathing exercises – Pranayama, Guided yoga practice
10:30 am – 11:30 am Brunch: Daily Raw food sensations prepared by Boris Lauser (or delicious Thai food)
11:30 pm – 03:00 pm Free time (massage, pool, excursions)
05:30 pm – 07:00 pm Yoga/Raw food class
07:30 pm – 08:30 pm Dinner: Daily Raw food sensations prepared by Boris Lauser (or delicious Thai food)

Please arrive no later than 5 pm for a welcome session on the first day. Departure is 12 pm on the last day. You are welcome to arrive early or stay on.

*** The schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the teacher ***

Boris Lauser has received his initial training at the world renowned Tree of Life Center, founded by Dr. Gabriel Cousens in Arizona, USA, where he set his foundation in gourmet raw food and its nutritional background theory. Boris has been practicing yoga himself for 10 years, so it was only a natural consequence that with this initial training, he would then work several times for the world renowned yoga teacher training Radiantly Alive in Bali, where he worked with several chefs to create the most mouthwatering and delicious gourmet raw food buffets for the students of the yoga training during their month long trainings in a luxury resort in Ubud, Bali. Boris has been working with raw foods now for more than 4 years, teaching seminars and organizing dinner events worldwide, catering the Raw Life Festival in Sweden this summer for the second time as a head chef, and has also complemented his education with another training at the world’s best gourmet raw food culinary school: The Matthew Kenney Academy, Oklahoma City, last year from October to December. Every January, he is now also offering his own 1 week intensive raw food seminar in a luxury resort in the North of Bali.

Konstantin Miachin is the founder of Vikasa Yoga and an international teacher. He has been passionately learning, practicing, and teaching Yoga since 2004, and his passion has lead him to search out his own personal development throughout the world. Kosta’s years of worldly experience have led to deeper understanding of yoga as a personal journey and spiritual evolution. On his journey he spent months in the ashrams of the remote Himalayan mountains, trained in a Muay Thai Boxing camp, was initiated by the master monk and has undergone a sacred Sak-Yant ceremony in a temple in North-East Thailand, practiced yoga everywhere and found his true passion in Koh Samui, Thailand.  Konstantin has completed teacher trainings and is certified in 4 different schools: Yoga 23 (Ukraine), Sivananda (India), Ashtanga Vinyasa (Thailand) and Andiappan Yoga (Hong Kong). Such an overwhelming wealth of knowledge has led to a deeper understanding of yoga practice as an ever evolving process – rather than a finalized system and the concept of “Evolution of Yoga” was born.


Vikasa Yoga Retreat on Koh Samui, Thailand is a boutique yoga resort and organic restaurant. Vikasa offers an inspiring yoga environment created by Konstantin Miachin. Experience the Vikasa lifestyle and feel the transformation to your daily life.


Your Yoga and Raw Food Retreat includes:

  • Two yoga classes daily
  • 7 nights stay at Vikasa Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Two healthy gourmet raw food meals daily (with healthy cooked Thai food options available)
  • 2 Raw food preparation workshops by Boris Lauser
  • 4 yoga master classes by Konstantin Miachin
  • Airport transfers (from and to Koh Samui airport)
  • Waterfalls trip
  • Complimentary Thai Massage (60 min)

Accommodation options:

Please Watch Video: 

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